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Viewable webpage inside a webpage


Viewable webpage inside a webpage

Right, I want a main webpage, like a border with top picture banner and navigation bar on the left, the with the spac left i want other webpages to be viewable. Im awful at explaining my self. This is an example site i took ages to find, u jus click on a loink on the left and the webpage inside the other page changes.

Could someone tell me how to do this please?
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Viewable webpage inside a webpage


It's a frames page, this is where you can display more than one web page in the same browser window.

The site you used as an example is made up of 3 pages. The viewport is first split into 2 rows, in the top row "banner.htm" is loaded. The second row is split into 2 columns, in the first column "navigation.htm" is loaded and in the second column "news.htm" is loaded.

Have a look at w3schools for basic html information on frames.

Hope this helps.


Viewable webpage inside a webpage

Perfect, thx alot i got it all setup and workin beautifully!

Viewable webpage inside a webpage

You never use frames now it to much trouble and bad practice. If you take the site you first mentioned and a search engine indexes it then you search for something you may get a result like this is were the info you want is but if you load it you can see the frames so cant find the rest of the pages.

The way to do it now is to produce a single page and dived it up with tables if you look at

You see it seems like a frame but if its found in a search engine you get all the details like the menu. Search engine sdont like indexing frames and old browsers dont support them.

Use tables