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Very quiet on the other end.


Very quiet on the other end.

Hello peeps.

I'm able to make and recieve calls using the plus talk service...

but the problem is that the people on the other end of the call all say that i'm very quiet.
no problems my end, i can hear them very well.

obviously, I increase the mic volume, but that just increases distortion, albeit very quiet distortion according to the other end.

Any settings in x-lite that i should be amending which aren't in the plustalk step-by-step guide?

I've used the mic built into my logitech webcam, and also went out to buy a proper headset.... still end up with the other end saying i'm very quiet, and very quietly distorted when i bump up the volume.

Voice chat over msn messenger and google talk with the same mic's doesn't pose any problems at all.

So i'm just wondering where am i going wrong with x-lite?