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Very dissapointed :(


Very dissapointed :(

I just signed up for "PlusTalk Anytime " about 4 hours ago, the phone was easy enough to set-up, but not what I had expected.. I thought PlusNet maybe have their own softphone client. But it was X-light.

Anyways as a test I tried to call my Skype-in number for Glasgow, which starts 0141.. but doesn't work, then I tried my Call-in number for Gizmo project that starts with 01236 and that wouldnt work either, but my own BT phone number did.
Well least I can phone myself up. Doesn't seem to dial the numbers for accesing other VoIP systems even though they all begin with 01.. and are real landline numbers for that purpose of an incoming call over IP,
so the rest of the codes within the number must be blocked as so its only REAL phones it dials... sounds crazy but trust me it wont dial out to them.

The 0845 local call number doesn't work for me, when I dial it. it doesn't ring my softphone, and I just get told the person at extension (number) is not available... please leave a message.
I also tried to call my Gizmo project SIP number with no luck, and vice versa...
maybe it takes a while to kick-in ?.

I just wanted to try the PlusTalk...see what it is like, I would be happy a bit if it worked for me, but seems PlusNet has a problem with everything again.
including taking 2 days to reply my tickets. Sad

I have configured everything correctly, as im used to VoIP software now.
I edited this post as my first post was a bit off topic, but is ok now.
I hope that PlusNet can get the incoming 0845 number working soon,
really i need an incoming number it is important, and why i signed up.
I know they have problems and are trying to fix it, so ill keep the PlusTalk Anytime for 1 month, and see how it goes. If everything is working fine i will keep it, if not i'll cancel.. No worries. Cheesy