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VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

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VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

Our cordelss phones seem to have started playing up so I was wondering how much it would cost to replace them and switch over to VOIP for outgoing calls.

What I want is:

Cordless Handsets

The ability to call using plustalk and receive incoming calls either via plustalk or our landline.

The ability to use the landline for outgoing calls if plustalk is in use.

The possibility of setting up an IVR and individual voicemail boxes (used both on PT and the landline) should I wish in the future.

I need to know what I would need and how much this would cost and how well it could work.

VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

Check out this phone There is a link on the page to the user manaul.

VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

I do exactly what you are asking. I have a zoom x5v router which incoporates voip. The router plugs into the main phone socket (no filters needed), then the phone plugs into teh router.
The router has 4 rj45 sockets to connect computers to.
I have a base station plugged in with four cordless handsets. you can then select to call via voip or bt just by preceeding the telephone number with #
in the event of a power failure the calls automatically divert to bt. also 999 calls go via bt so they can get a number and work out where you are calling from. voip calls show as withheld number!
Incoming calls ring all the phones, different ring tones for voip or pstn calls.
Providing you download and flash the latest firmware it is a walk in the park to setup.
I have one phone plugged in before the router and therefore BT only. This means I can actually make two outgoing calls at the same time one via voip one via pstn.
The one downside is that the router is not wirelss - but then they are only about £30 new on ebay. I got round this by plugging in a linksys wg102 accesspoint which actually supports 802.11g+ 108Mbps wireless .
As I have some outbuildings that are outside wireless coverage (thick walls, small windows) I have another access point out there on the end of some cat5e cable. I can then roam around between them. In most houses, just sitting an access point on top of the router would do it.

Try this link

The good thing is that with plustalk never working, you can set the router for vonage, sipgate etc very simply, and they always work.
Hope this helps
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VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

I use an ATA 1100 'phone adapter, about £49 inc VAT. The base unit of my home analogue 'phones is plugged into the adapter which, in turn, is RJ45-connected to a port in my Netgear router and also to the BT landline socket.

Outgoing calls from my four analogue wireless 'phones connect to the adapter's default setting which is the PlusTalk broadband 'phone service.

Incoming calls from both SIP and from BT landline are receive by the 'phones.

If the 'phone adapter is switched off, or by pressing a button on the adapter, outgoing calls are via the BT landline.

The base unit's voice-mail records all unanswered incoming calls.

I hope this helps.


VOIP Replacement Of Cordless Phones...

Well I'm finally escaping from Plusnet to join a better ISP. As they do not offer a voip package but go give a free landlines calls bundle (and no it is NOT tiscali), I wont need the X5V anymore. If you are interested in buying it, already configured for plus talk, let me know