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VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems


VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

We have being trying to use the VOIP services iver the last few months but the service seems intermitant. I would like to know if any is actually using VOIP sucessfuly without problems.

We normally can get outgoing calls but incomming calls are unreliable. These are the problems :
1. Incoiming calls cut off after a minuite (no sound)
2. Handset dosent ring and go through to voicemail
3. Handset rings but not being put through when we lift the hansdet (no sound on hansdet and caller still hears ring tones)

When we dial 7001 (voice mail services) nothing happens.

I trying to figure our if we have network/hardware issues that we need to look at or is it simply isnt a reliable/usable service.
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VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

Did try and use it for about 2 months, then I got sick of the wife going nuts and saying ”the phone’s not working AGAIN!”
The reliability was atrocious & the tickets took weeks to even get a reply :x :x :x
It would have been nice to use my 240min of free call time but found it more trouble than its worth.
I have since moved to a dedicated VOIP supplier & had no problems since, working 100% of the time and with free local calls. Very happy with VOIP now Cheesy
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VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

I've never had a problem with VoIP per se, bu then I don't use PN's VoIP service. (So I didn't vote 'cos I don't think my siutation applies to the question).

PN's network management (along with my router's prioritisation rules) means that I typically get just 5ms of jitter. This means -- after network latency and jitter buffers -- that may conversations have very low end-to-end delay. Using G.711 means I get ISDN audio voice quality, so basically no-one can tell I'm on VoIP.

PN's network is well taylored for VoIP, it's a shame that their own service seems so flakey.


VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

PN VoIP - I think I now have brain damage through banging my head against the wall for the last year - I have lost count on the number of tickets. One of the recent ones asked me to have patience!- The writer must be a Joker.

However I am still living and in hope of getting a decent service sometime.

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VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

Compared with how it performed last year, PlusTalk is now quite useable.....not 100% reliable, but useable!

From early this year, as soon as the service fails, CS appears to almost always be aware of the fact and quickly re-establish the facility.

I my case, therefore, when I appear to have lost the service, it is only necessary to power-down/power-up my 'phone adapter, then all is well.

Not ideal, however, a lot better and, I'm sure, it'll be 100% soon, as indicated in PlusNet's plans.

By the way, I only use PlusTalk for BT landline connections. If there is anyone willing to test the SIP connection with me and the associated services, like voice-mail, please drop me a PM.


VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

I've experienced much better service from PlusTalk since we had a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago. The storm, it seems, fried the modem in my old 3com OfficeConnect router. Having replaced the 3com with a D-link DSL-D624G, PlusTalk has worked perfectly ever since.

Coincidence? Or does a modern router make a difference?
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VOIP Is anybody using it regurlary without problems

both this month and last month i have only managed to make a couple of calls then the service stops working, at first i thought it was coz the other person was on the phone but when i rang my own number it wouldn't ring neither.
checked my minutes used last month and it only shows as 11 mins since i activated it 6 months ago.