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Using plustalk with Wireless IP phone


Using plustalk with Wireless IP phone

Can anyone help with this?

I have been given a Wireless IP phone by a friend and I'm wondering if I can use this phone with Plustalk?

I've checked the plustalk setup but they all relate to setting up x-lite.
We have tried it with sipgate (he has an account with them) and it works fine on my network(after some fiddling with ports)

Now I'd like to get it working wth plustalk and if it works I might even buy one

Also does anyone know if there any peering with sipgate in pipeline.

Using plustalk with Wireless IP phone

what wifi phone is it?

Using plustalk with Wireless IP phone

It's an Hitachi WLAN IP Phobe WirelessIP 5000

It's got web interface for configuration so it's pretty easy to configure.
There is a network interface for the WEB, or not, configuration. I have that, what I'm lacking details of what to add in the server and account fields. I've tried adding the details similar to the x-lite, but they don't work.

Proxy entries, registrar entries etc.

The x-lite entries are not correct for the ip phone

Hitachi Wifi IP5000

I notice your post about the Hitachi Wifi handset we have used these on a number of PBX systems.

I am having trouble configuring to work with Plus Talk did you manage to get this working? iof so any details will be appreciated.