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Using a 'Tesco' USB handset.

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Using a 'Tesco' USB handset.

This is a post for anyone with a Tesco USB handset (not the headset mike and headphone) who would like to try it with Force 9.

Note this trial used Windows XP with SP2, Zone Alarm firewall and a Linksys ADSL Modem/router/wireless AP.

I bought the handset yesterday just as a trial to see if it would work.

First do not install anything from the Tesco CD, just put it to one side in case you need it for another PC or Laptop install.
If you have not activated your broadband phone with Force 9 then you will need to do that from your account settings.

If you have already done that then you will need to get to this page ( )
Follow option 1 and download and X-lite version 3 from the website do not install it yet (link here ).

Download the last driver on the list from this website (it’s the one for X-Ten driver for Windows (Supports X-Lite, eyeBeam, Vonage X-Pro)).

Plug the handset into a convenient USB port and wait while XP detects the phone and installs the basic drivers (it may ask for a restart).

Install the X-Lite 3 soft phone following the on screen instructions.

Next go to option 2 from the page above and print out the setup instructions.
Then followed the instructions to set up the X-Lite 3 soft phone.
Be sure to take note of the steps if you are behind a NAT router/firewall.
The soft phone should connect and should display ‘Ready’ and your SIP number on the screen.

If you have done everything correct up to now the USB handset should light up but it may not work. If you click the off hook (green button) on the soft phone on the screen you may hear the dial tone from the speakers not from the handset.

Click the small down arrow at the top left of the X-Lite soft phone and select ‘Options’, on the left hand side of the options screen click the ‘Devices’ icon (looks like a small headset).
You will note you now have a comprehensive selection screen open on the right.
Set the headset to ‘USB Audio device’ from the dropdown selection list for both speaker and microphone.
The ‘Speakerphone’ options should be set for your sound card (I set the microphone to ‘USB Audio device’ as I am not using a separate microphone).
I left everything else set to the defaults but you may have to adjust some of the settings depending on your hardware.

If you now click the ‘off hook’ button the dial tone should be heard from the handset and if you hang up and click the speaker phone button the dial tone should come from your speakers.

OK so far?

One thing you will also notice is the USB handset does nothing except beep at you when you press a button on it.

Now if everything is working as described above install the driver you downloaded from the Yamamoto website.
Lo and behold your USB phone should now take on a new lease of life and display (mine does) the month, day, time and second counting up and a big 2006 in the middle of the display. You should also find the buttons work and you can dial, go off hook, hang up etc.

I have not yet made any calls only to the voice mail but the call quality even to that was pretty clear.

Good luck and if it works have fun.

Regards, Colin.