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Usenet via Outlook Express?


Usenet via Outlook Express?


I might be missing something (quite likely with my eyes, unfortunately), but a few years back I used to get simple and convenient newsgroup connection configuring it though Outlook/Express. I haven't used it for quite a while, as I was using the diverse AOL boards (yes I escaped! lol!) instead.

I take it Usenet is the newsgroup access provided by Plusnet?

I can't seem to find any instructions on what settings I need to set up my Outlook/Express with to access this.

Am I missing something obvious? Any help would be really nice. Cheesy

Not something I use *that* much, but it is nice when frequent insomnia strikes, and I can mooch around seeing what people are having a /rant about (beats TV and counting sheep anyway, lol!).
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Usenet via Outlook Express?

The usenet server is, the newer beta test usenet server is

The usenet server is detailed in connection settings -> connection details page (via links on the left). More info and how to setup common newsfeed software can be found via this help & support link:

Usenet via Outlook Express?

Thanks for the response Peter, I was sure I was missing something somewhere. Shockedops:

Usenet via Outlook Express?


The beta server seem to be working very nice.