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Use of Outlook express with plusnet


Use of Outlook express with plusnet

I have a broadband connection but everytime I try to send or receive messages the connection breaks off after downloading messages.
Secondly, I am not able to use Outlook express to send messages either through my plusnet account or my old freeserve account. I can only send messages through my hotmail acount.
Please advice what needs to be done.

Use of Outlook express with plusnet

First, go into outlook express.
Click "tools", "accounts".

Select the +net mail account, and goto properties.

Under the connections tab (i think), you should be able to stop it from disconnecting after collection.

For the second issue, make sure the from address in the account properties is set to your +net address. The reply to address can be anything, but rh from address must be your +net one.

Alternativly, what error message do you get.

Outlook Express



make sure that disconnect after finish is unchecked

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Use of Outlook express with plusnet

This isn't really relevant to the forum - Trouble is, I can't think where to move the thread to!

In fact, your from address can be anything - This is ignored by our systems entirely.

You already have the answer to your first problem. I would suspect the answer to the second problem is that your settings don't match the below (ie your outgoing SMTP setting is set to another ISP?) in tools > accounts > properties > servers

Make sure the settings match that, and let us know how you get on.


Use of Outlook express with plusnet

So supports relaying from any address, so long as it is via a +net provided connection?

Cool, another notch on the score card for getting my office online through +net. We currenly use a SMTP service from another ISP, which is painfully slow, and down very often.
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Use of Outlook express with plusnet

Yes it will relay any mail outwards regarless of it being from another ISP.


Use of Outlook express with plusnet

Thanks for the replies and for all the suggestions.

I found out where the problem about the Outlook express was.
When I looked in Server properties I had clicked at the bottom 'My outgoing server needs authentication'. When I cancelled that choice and left the box open the outgoing mail server worked and I am now able to send my mail messages through the plus net server.