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Uploading problems


Uploading problems

Having a few problems uploading to my webspace. I have updated the index.html file but when I access my webspace via it still shows the older version of index.html. But if I click on the home button (hyperlinked to index.html) the new version shows up. Any ideas whats going on? Cheers

Uploading problems

This is down to the caching servers in current operation.

These are due to remain in place until the middle/end of next week, whilst work is done to fix the problems requiring them in the first place.

A fix way put un place to help wit this, but it turns out, it does not function all to good. I am still looking at ways to fix it.

In the time being, you can do one or more of the following things

1: When on the page that isn't updated, hold down CTRL and press F5

2: Wait until the cache times out, which is anything from 10 seconds to 72 hours.

As noted, PlusNet will fix this situation next week, when the resources are available to allow it.

At this time, it comes down to very slow pages and possibly timeouts, or fast possibly outdated pages.