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Up-loading files and "Tracker"


Up-loading files and "Tracker"

First. . .
Up-loaded a modified index.html today but the "old" one is still showing when I access the site.

Have cleared the cache on my browser, done a Shift+refresh, still no joy. The index.html is the entry portal to the main site so it is pretty important to me. Any ideas please?

Second. . .
For a few years now I have been using the free "Tracker" service for my site. It's just a small bit of code which is appended to my index.html. Use has been very satisfactory to me over that time (including nearly a year with PN) and the code has not interfered in any way with the workings of the site.

Recently, in the past week or so, the Tracker icon feature has disappeared from view on my site's entry portal (index.html), the code is still there though. Visited the Tracker web site where they have an on-line check facility. Tried this and was told that the code was "corrupt" on certain lines, so, downloaded a new Tracker code, put it in the html for my index.html file, uploaded it and . . . hence my 1st query above.

Strangely, when I load up index.html from my HDD, the Tracker icon appears and I can actually connect with the Tracker web site to view the stats. The icon doesn't now appear on my web site's entry page though.

Are there PN conflict probs now with the Tracker bit of code?

Up-loading files and "Tracker"

THere should be no conflicts between Plusnet and the tracker.

All a web server does is serv files back to you. It isn't the server that does the tracking and as such, can't be incompatable.

However, the fact your have a problem with a cached page is odd.

Are you sure you have replaced the file? Does the timestamp of the file reflect the time you uploaded and not an old date?

Try deleteing the old file from the server first, then upload the new one.

To refresh a cached copy in yoru browser, the key combination is CTRL+refresh and not SHIFT.

Up-loading files and "Tracker"

Thanks for answering acarr. (didn't get the warning e-mail about you having done so though!)

First, the Tracker thing. . . . that's now sorted - turns out it was ZoneAlarm! The latest upgrade of this firewall has tougher "rules" than previous versions and I had upgraded about a week ago and not noticed. My mistake, sorry. :?

Regarding my index.html file. Yes, I have replaced the file, several times now, the latest being about 20 mins ago and time stamp shows 13 June. I use IE as an FTP prog to upload (find the the ease of use regarding drag'n'drop is outstanding), and when viewing the files on my webspace I can double-click on the index.htm and it comes up with the "new" version. Reverting to Netscape and opening my site from there, the "old" version is still being presented! :?: Doubt it's a Netscape prob, cache cleared etc.

I've asked a fair few peeps now, including the blackbird that owns my garden, but nobody seems to have a solution.

(Think the blackbird knows but he just won't reply! Wink )

Up-loading files and "Tracker"

index.html and index.htm will be seen as different files. The hierarchy is html first and htm second (I think !!). So, if your old file is html and the new one is htm, the old file will be shown.

Don't forget it's all case sensitive as well, lowercase is default.

Just a thought.

Up-loading files and "Tracker"

index.html and index.htm will be seen as different files.


Up-loading files and "Tracker"

Hah! Solved it.

Problem was that I thought the "index.html" file (and pic) under the htdocs folder was used as the entry portal. Not so! Seems that there is also an "index.html" file inside the main site folder and this is the file used as an entry point.

This "index.html" file is usually for my own use when working the site on my HDD , didn't realise it had been transferred up onto the PN server when the main upload took place last year.

OK, thanks for listening anyway. Cheesy

Up-loading files and "Tracker"


can you give ussome details for your tracker service. I ave got as far as appending ?referrer=google to my adwords url in the hope the information would show up in my webstats. it doesn't.