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Unmetered Access


Unmetered Access

Can anyone tell me if BT has information on unmetered access. I want to know how they justify the 2hour cut off limit.

A URL would be nice.

Thanks in Advance.

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Unmetered Access

Are you talking about BTYahoo unmetered access or something else. BT themselves don't do dialup internet access.

It's to stop people staying connected 24/7 and most ISPs do this. There are a limited number of connections available for 56k dialup so the limits are imposed so everyone gets an equal share of the equipment.

Do you have a PlusNet dialup account, just curious why you are asking about BT services on this forum?

Here are the terms and conditions for BTYahoo! dialup access available via the website::

Item 10.4 is probably what you are after regarding limits to connections.