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Unable to view Online Banking site


Unable to view Online Banking site

Since this morning I have been unable to view my Online Banking site (Barclays). The progress bar in ie6 gets halfway across and then it hangs.

I've contacted Barclays and Plusnet who both say everything is working fine.

I am able to view other secure sites so this would seem to rule out 'secure site' issues being the cause.

I have tried tracerouting to the Online banking site which routes ok through the following servers

Now after the last router it starts timing out so I'm trying to find out if the last router which is only an ip address for some reason is still on the BT network or if it has left BT and maybe it's part of the Barclays server.

I'd be grateful if anyone could offer any advice on this as I'm fairly sure it's not a pc problem and if not then I need to gather some evidence as at the moment everyone I ring is saying that it's not their servers at fault.

Thanks in anticipation :?
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Unable to view Online Banking site

I'm afraid this won't help advice-wise, but I just thought I'd mention that I get the same problem when tracert-ing, but I can access the iBank site fine.


Unable to view Online Banking site

Thanks for the reply

I found out that the ip address was assigned to a Barclays router and not BT, I can now access online banking again so it must have been a temp problem with barclays that didn't affect all customers.

Anyway alls well that ends well Cheesy

Unable to view Online Banking site

The wan side of barclays is run by BT so its a BT router at fault even if its in Barclays