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USA set to approve Net Neutrality


USA set to approve Net Neutrality

Seen over at PC Pro is a piece which aims to prevent ISPs from blocking content from other ISPs or giving their own service additional bandwidth. Tim Berners-Lee likes the idea!

Of course it might be a way to prevent the rumoured Google service which would give free access but limit commercial websites that could be found and viewed to those paying Google for advertising (there have been rumours of Google buying old shipping containers and equipping them with networking gear, suitable to fire up their own USA-wide fibre network and provide a "private internet" as an alternative to what we have today... certainly with the way they've handled their search engine for China, there is some worry about them being "open" to all)

It would be interesting to see if the EU or UK will follow this lead. I'm not on Premier but saw queries from people about why PlusTalk was given a better level of priority... If the US law was to be introduced here, that would need to be changed.[/url]