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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

Has anyone experience of call1899?

They offer UK landline calls, for 3p/call inc VAT!

I'd be interested to hear of any info......
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

Well if their web site is to be believed you can call land line to land line for a connection charge of 3p then pay 0p per minute? what is the catch?

There has to be one... you could use it for that service alone and pay 3p for several hours telepnone use.
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

I agree and that old saying "if it seems too good to be true" springs immediately to mind

Ive been through there site thoroughly and i cant find the catch but if you do let us know cos there must be one
If theres not ill be first in the line for the free calls Cheesy

UK landline to landline - 3p/call

I signed up to a similar service 18866:
back in October 2004.
You can call land line to land line in the UK for a connection charge of 3p then pay 0p per minute.

There is no catch. Friends and relatives have been signed up and they have signed up their friends and relatives and so on. You do have to watch the price though as the only notification of changes is on their website. It started off as 1p connection charge. You can set options such that you get a message telling you when you make a call what the rate per minute is. Calls to the US started out as 1p per minute and are currently 2p per minute.
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

you seem to be reporting one of their other companies this thread started talking about Which is 1p per minute to the USA according to their web site.
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

I have used for a long time now and use nothing else. It is bona fide and you can talk as long as you like for zero pence per minute - the only charge is the 3p connection. You can check your bill also in real time on the web and you just pay by credit card. I agree that you have to be careful because the connection price has risen from 1p to 3p without proper warning.

They have another service called which I use for overseas calls only. Most of the time it is cheaper than 18866 but there are exceptions. Both are the same company because when you sign up, you get identical screens.

I suppose there is a risk that they could suddenly wack up the connection charge to £1 per connection without you knowing until your next bill comes in, then do a runner, by which time it would be too late. But I do not think they are cowboys and I hope I don't eventually get my fingers burnt !

My monthly bill is usually less than £5 but my usage has gone up massively as a result of the zero pence per minute. I used to spend £30 per month for less talk time with Tiscali.
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Call18185, Call1899, Call18866

I'm registered with all of these as each is better at different calls.
1899 & 18866 are the same for UK local and national calls at 0p per minute and just a 3p connection fee for the entire duration.
18185 are good for mobile calls. On peak 5p per minute, off peak 2p per minute. Also cheaper than BT for 0870 numbers on peak.
Use these services with the excellent Orchid Dialler to route calls for the correct type and time of day can save a few quid!
Try this link for a full run down about them all (all owned by Swiss telecom I believe.,99872,#catch

18866 OR 1899 - who are they

I get nothing but engaged tones for these companies.
When I try contact them they do not reply.

The engaged tone is because there service is limited and over-subscribed.

In less than a year, there fixed connection charge for a call has gone up from 1p to 3p. There mobile rates have gone up from 2p to 3p.

The worst thing is the perpetual engaged tone when dialing the 18866 or 1899 prefix. I made 55 attempts on one weekend before getting a connection.

How can this be resolved - well we should all 'geoffrey' it until they imporve.

It used to be really good!!!!!!
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

Sorry.. but you are doing something wrong.. never had an engaged signal, it works perfectly.
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UK landline to landline - 3p/call

I've been using 18866 for a while on the 3p/call rate with no problems.
Since they increased the charge to 4p/call I've signed up with one of their sister Co's 1899 who are still on 3p/call and have not had any problems.

I've also got an account with another sister Co "Voipcheap" which currently offers totally free calls to UK landlines and a few overseas destinations.

With "Voipcheap" you can checkout the the system without money changing hands because you get free one minute calls from the word go.
Having satisfied yourself of the reliability etc by paying £5 you then get unlimited calls.
My £5 hasn't been touched yet and I make most of my business calls through this system.
Obviously, unlike 1886 & 1899, this is dependent on your PC being on.
I've been using my headset and the quality is reasonable, I'm now using a cheap USB handset with no problems.
You can also get a UK Tel No at no cost, no choice as to area, at least I didn't have choice it was another number on my local exchange, so you gain another phone number.

I've used Skype for a couple of years with no problems. I'll continue using it PC to PC to overseas contacts in locations that Voipcheap don't offer free calls.

Just for the record I also have Plustalk, but not many contacts using it.
The set up was not as easy as any of the other systems and the call quality hasn't been as good.

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Re: UK landline to landline - 3p/call

There is no other charge but the connection and it does work well easy to use so try it .Also VoipCheap is FREE to call landlines in the UK and FREE to call
Landlines and Mobiles in the USA .CHECK IT OUT.