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UDP 137 inbound


UDP 137 inbound

Hi all,

My firewall is rejecting a large amount of inbound traffic on UDP port 137, the NetBIOS Name Service port. Coming from all over the place. Ideas anyone?

Ditto on TCP port 17300, which looks like the nasties are seeking out Kuan2 or Sub7 infected hosts?

It's a hostile world out there. Over 1000 intrusion attempts (if that's what they are) in under 12 hours.

Anyone not running a firewall?
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UDP 137 inbound

137 is normal 'noise' generated by millions of windows PCs. The others are as you say other activity that goes one which is why everyone should protect their systems and networks with a firewall (hardware or software).

Most 'noise' are port scans or virii/worms trying to gain a foothold elsewhere. Search engines can be a source for such activities as they hoover up website info 24/7.