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To ping or not to ping


To ping or not to ping

... that is the question.

I would value the thoughts of those in the know about whether I should block all incoming ICMP8:0 packets (echo requests).

My router (ZyXEL P652R) does allow me to construct pretty fancy packet filters, so I could just block those ICMP8:0 packets which bear the hallmarks of known trojans, e.g. Welchia rather than throwing them all away.

It would be good to be able to do tracerts without having to go in and reconfigure my firewall first.

Thoughts anyone?

To ping or not to ping

People often dont understand stealth ports against closed ports.
If the port is stealth there is no reply and if its blocked the attacker get a reply saying the port is closed.

If the know the port is closed they know there is something at the other end if its stelthed they cant tell if anything is there or not.

There is not realy any point in trying to trace any attack even if you find them it may be a pc that has been taken over anyway. If it isnt then trying to get anything done is allmost impossable.

The main aim is to stay safe so keep stealthing the ports