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Thunderbird - I cannot receive mail


Thunderbird - I cannot receive mail

I know it is a setting that I have got wrong and have spent all day trying to fix it.
I can send mail fine, but cannot recieve it
my settings are:
Server type Pop mail server
Sever name: Port 25
User name : bluebellhouse+name
use security setting=never
use secure authentication UNchecked

I can send mail so I assume my outgoing server settings are OK

Help please.

Thunderbird - I cannot receive mail

I have just noticed that the default port is 110
Sorted it, fhe server settings are 110 , misread the instruction Shockedops:
and on top of that I used bluebellhouse+name as the incoming and outgoing user name on the set up instead of simply bluebellhouse.

I hope it stops spam as it says.