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Those Evil, Evil Domains


Those Evil, Evil Domains

Yes, they're becoming a pet hate. Nothing's ever simple for me. Right, two things. First is straightforward, second isn't, but I thought I'd see if I can get advice on it anyway.

Okay. I just registered with, which was fairly cheap. Didn't realise domain forwarding was extra, but I can change the DNS servers so I guess I can point it at my webspace somehow with that. I've just changed them, so I guess in a day or two I contact PlusNet and ask them to do their stuff, right? I presume it'll show up under 'My Domains' and then I can point it to a folder, etc. I'm just not sure.

Before I registered it, I asked them who the billing contact would be if I transferred it here. They said if I fully transfer it, I'll pay PlusNet in two years' time, but if I just change the nameservers then I'll pay them again. I asked this because of what the second part of my post is about.....

Some time ago, was registered by a guy with a company called NameZero. It was all free for him, running under some partner program with Network Solutions, with an ad-infested forwarding service. I bumped into this guy some day through the domain - he wasn't doing anything much with it but I was making a website on Rhona, so he let me have it. I had this domain transferred to PlusNet, costing me $50 for the privilege of having it released from NameZero.

I got it into PlusNet eventually, and it's been happily hosted here for almost two years. The Whois info always listed NameZero as the billing contact, though. Several months ago someone from Plusnet told me that NameZero should contact me near to the expiry date about renewal.

I heard nothing, until shortly before the expiry date, when Network Solutions contacted me, instead, saying it was about to expire. I immediately wrote to NameZero; no reply. Two days later wrote back to Network Solutions, said I had had no response, but wished to renew the domain and asked what I should do. They replied with a form for me to fax back to them, to change the account type from a partner account (with this NameZero company), to a whole account, so that I could renew it straight through them. So I did. I was supposed to hear confirmation of it in 48-72 hours, but heard nothing. So a day or two later, I wrote and asked, and they said that they'd received it and that it was being processed. And to wait 7-10 business days for it to change. Fine...

12 business days later... nothing. I wrote, and then they said the fax was too dark (it had a photo ID on it), and that I had to resend it. I did this (with a small delay as I don't own a fax machine and had to get someone else to do it). Again, nothing after 48-72 hours. So, about 6 days after transmission, I contacted them again. At this point they said it was simply too late, and that the domain was pending deletion. How nice, eh?

I chased and chased them, telling them how bloody useless and incompetent they'd been, thrice failing to fulfil their deadlines to contact me by. They said I could 'redeem' the domain for $150. Well, sorry, but that's not on - I shouldn't have to pay that for their incompetence.

So, I decided to wait for it to be deleted, and aimed to renew it before anyone else noticed it was available again. Hah, if only. It was picked up automatically by another company that obviously snaps up domains that are pending deletion. It's now showing a generic links/search page, like so many other domains on the net.

So; question. I'd transferred this domain fully to PlusNet - how come I didn't have to pay PlusNet for the renewal? Seems that's how it works with the domains, and this aspect is probably consistent across all domains. As far as I know, it's probably a simply matter of the Whois information being out of date and unchanged in the transfer - some people can change their own Whois info through a website, but I couldn't. NameZero went all ignorant too, and I'm not even sure they realistically had any control over it once it moved to PlusNet.

I wish to know where I stand. I've had no help from Network Solutions, even after I asked the simple request for a name and address of a manager to complain to (then they finally decided to try to offer an explanation of what happened, grrr. They missed the bit out about them being utterly useless, too) . They eventually gave up with e-mails and told me to call them, but I'm not phoning America, because it'll cost a fortune. I told them to call me, but they don't do outgoing calls at this time. Of course not. They're only a multi-million dollar company. I'm the debt-ridden ex-student yet to get a job, so I should pay for something that's their fault, obviously...

'My Domains' still shows this domain as hosted and configured, though obviously it's not. I also have to option of toggling auto-renewal for it. I'd be interested to know what happened if I turned it on and PlusNet tried to renew it... Wink

I've contacted the new owners about the domain, but had no reply. I've lost it through no fault of my own, and it's such a big mix up I don't know who legally had rights over it or who was supposed to be the billing contact, or anything. It's farcical. Anyway, I bloody well want it back, and should not have lost it in the first place. I may not care much about my site anymore, but I wanted to hang onto the domain. And I got as I doubt I'll get .com back.

What can I do? What part can/should (or didn't) PlusNet play in this? Why were NameZero listed as the billing contact when I'd made a full transfer? (And why do half the customer service representatives at Network Solutions think that 'Martyn' is a girl's name? Morons... :roll: )

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any advice. I'm not sure who else to ask about this, short of the Citizens' Advice Bureau, but if I am still getting confused over this one domain, I'm sure they'd be even more clueless than me! :lol:

Those Evil, Evil Domains

They are two totaly different parent administrators.

With .com's, you have several contact details including owner, billing and technical.

When Namezero transfered the domain to you, all they did was change the "technical" details to +Net, leaving the "billing" in there own. As such, any charges are applied to them.

Technical will leave +Net with only the ability to change nameserver details, and not bill you.

With .uk domains, it is far more simpler.

Each provider has a IPSTAG. This is a ID code for the provider.

Only the company with the current IPSTAG can make changes to the domain, and these are also billed for it (who farward it to you).

With you new domain, you have two choices.

Ask the current IPSTAG holder to change the DNS records to +Net. Thus you are still billed by that company.

Ask them to tranfer the IPSTAG, and +Net do all the work for you, including the billing.

I recomend the IPSTAG method as you will have far more control.

Those Evil, Evil Domains

Okay, thanks.

I presumed they'd be the same, or similar. I have changed the DNS records for the myself, so I'll contact PlusNet soon and tell them to do their stuff. The Support section on here does mention that domains can't be transferred from other companies until 60 days after registration. I think that might apply to TLDs only.

How are TLDs fully transferred, then? I had a random company approach me way before the .com expired and offered me a renewal at a certain cost. I guess if I had done than then it'd expire with the other company and go over to the new one. Similarly, if I'd done the auto-renew option for the domain in my PlusNet settings, they might've renewed it for me and I'd still have it?

Those Evil, Evil Domains

No, only the billing contact could complete the renewl process. is classed as a TLD (though officialy isn't).

By any chance was the company that contacted you called "Domain registry of America" or "Domain registry of Europe"?

As for fully tranfering and the reason behind the 60 period, see some of the registration sites for details.

Those Evil, Evil Domains

It was indeed the 'Domain Registry of America'. I thought it odd that only one company would approach me out of the hundreds out there, so what's up there? I asked on here about it at the time, and about the expiry date, because it was a bit mucked up at time.

What would the 'registration sites' be? I'm not sure where to look. A friend's just grabbed a .net and had it transferred to PlusNet after four days, so I don't know what that means for the 60-day thing. If it only applies to full transfers as oppose to DNS changes, then it makes sense. I don't want a full transfer of my right now anyway, if it'll work properly with just the DNS changes. Not sure if I'll be able to receive e-mail at that domain without paying extra to Pickaweb for their e-mail options, but I'll see. I can always do a full transfer later, if indeed I have to wait 60 days.

Thanks for the continued help, though. Appreciated Smiley