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The new email system

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Registered: 31-07-2007

The new email system

Has anyone had any problems with the new webmail system apart from the fact that it is really really slow
For some strange reason all email that i send (since the new system went live) arrives at its destination with ALL the content missing. All that the people see when i email is the subject all the text/content is missing. Ive tested this myself sending it top another email address that i have and all i got was the subject Plusnet are looking this we shall see what they say.

I for one would love to have the old system back although its simple its better than the old version. This new version is really really slow and very very crap Evil

The new email system


Some people have experienced various problems with the new webmail.

The most recent issue is

If you havent read it already.
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The new email system

I find it really slow too and wouldnt complain if we went back to the
faster sleeker old version

its so slow i dont use it anymore and just download and send mails
using my mail program, didnt have the problems you describe though