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Switched away: Comparison of ISPs


Switched away: Comparison of ISPs

Well my migration went ahead yesterday.. I won't say who I switched to but I will give comparisons.

Game pings: Generally my ping went from 40-80 on plusnet when playing on UK servers. This is relatively unchanged, 40-60 now.

Daytime download speeds: My new ISP, I don't get less than 6mbps during the day, on plusnet it was sometimes below 1mbps.

Usenet: On Plusnet usenet speeds varied between dialup and 1mbps between say 8am and 1am. On my new ISP it's between 6mbps and 8mbps during these hours and full speed the rest of the time.

Well these are the services I used the most, and I must say I always gave plusnet the benefit of the doubt, but the results speak for themselves. It's not my usenet company that has bad servers, it's plusnet that "shapes" the traffic. I can get on teamspeak any time I like now, too.

There was 0 downtime during migration.

*jumps the sinking ship*

Switched away: Comparison of ISPs

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Switched away: Comparison of ISPs

So why are you shy about naming your new ISP Feagoat. :?