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Subdomain and htdocs


Subdomain and htdocs

Hi there

I am not too familar with the subdomain but I was asked to create a page for my friend. the web site is hosted by PlusNet - and now I likes to create a page - so I can create a link pointing to it. After reading many great threads in this forum, I have drafted a procedure like this:

1. create a DNS A record
www A

2. create a DNS CNAME record
client CNAME

3. create a "client" subfolder in the htdocs folder

4. upload web pages to the subfolder

Is this procedure correct? and if I change the domain hosting setting from default to other in the Configure Domain page, will it affect the email system? I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this problem, thanks

Subdomain and htdocs

That is incorrect.

Use the following procedure.

1: Create a DNS record as follows
Left field: client
Pri: leave blank
Right field:

2: Raise a link:contact us using the domain import path, to import the domain "" (where domain is your own).

3: Once imported by PlusNet, you can set this new domain to point to the required folder under htdocs

Subdomain and htdocs

Thanks for your kind instruction. I will create the subdomain first and then raise a contact us.