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Strange open port - Help.


Strange open port - Help.

After doing some web based port scans on my system I have discovered what is showing as an OPEN port.

PORT - 1864
OPEN! paradym-31port

Can anyone help me with this one?

I am running a Netgear DG834G router with the firewall set to 'BLOCK ALL' incoming. I also have ZA running on my system.

I keep a fairly tight system so this concerns me a tad.

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Strange open port - Help.

See this thread.

It relates to the firmware version as to which ports are open with that router.

Strange open port - Help.

I had a look through this thread and i have set a specfic rule to close this port which has resolved it for me (thanks).

The thing is, i carried out the same test on the same model of router with the same (1.05) firmware on a friends connection and his did not report any ports open! Strange one but as long as it is now closed then thats all that matters.

Thanks for your help.

Strange open port - Help.

That thread that was listed, also highlighted a number of other ports which are open, have you checked these? You may need to add rules for them as well.