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Strange E-mails - Virus/Spam?


Strange E-mails - Virus/Spam?

I've suddenly started getting e-mails to my account and im not sure where they are coming from.

I'm pretty sure they are virus e-mails but neither plusnet or AVG 7 is picking them up. They are coming in via a domain I do have, but to random addresses that are not used (i.e. the user bit of user @ Some of the e-mails are 'from' a hotmail address, others are 'from' the my domain.

The email body is as follows:

*** Auto Mail Delivery System ***

** End of Transmission

The original message is a separate attachment.

--- Web: http:// www . hotmail . com
--- Mail To: UserHelp @

*** Mail- Attachment: No suspicious Virus signatures
*** MYDOMAIN.CO Anti Virus

(the bit in italics has been replaced by me from the actual domain, but the way it ends, just with .CO is as it is in the e-mail)

There is also an attachment which varies. it is either or RobotMailer_attach.zlo

Anyone have an idea where these are coming from

I can post the full headers if needed

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Strange E-mails - Virus/Spam?

Another classic spoofed email situation. Random email accounts on your domain are being used to send out emails and any that go to non-existant email addresses are being bounced back by the mail servers to you with a delivery failure.

The original sent email (possibly containing a virus) is in the attachment so you will only really know by opening it but I would be very causious in doing so.

Nothing you can do about this I'm afraid other than to delete them when they arrive.

It is likely to be Win32/Sober-A or Win32.HLLM.Odin