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Static IP And web hosting


Static IP And web hosting

I would like to be able to register a domain name and have it route all http requests directly to my static IP address (as soon as I have one.... ISP migration in progress).

Is this something that can be done easily (ie via the user portal) or do i need to register the domain name elsewhere and have it directed to my server?

The reason for this is that I have a SQL Server machine and studio .NET so would like touse this technology rather than CGI and MySQL, etc.

Static IP And web hosting

Yes, this is pretty simple

The domain control panel has all the needed tools to redirect the domain

Static IP And web hosting

Thank very much.

One other question. if i may.....

I have opted 1 registration in my package. When I try to register it I receive and error saying that the domain name is not available, however I have checked @ various places and this is not registered.

Im trying to register

Any ideas?
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Static IP And web hosting

Yep - its registered to someone.


[cso01@omega cso01]$ whois

Domain Name:


Registrant's Agent:
Host Europe Internet Ltd [Tag = WEBFUSION]

Relevant Dates:
Registered on: 04-Mar-1999
Renewal Date: 04-Mar-2005
Last updated: 20-Sep-2000

Registration Status:
Registered until renewal date.

Static IP And web hosting

Thanks for the help. I must have been looking in the wrong place. Never mind... back to the drawing board Wink


Static IP And web hosting

But if you wait till 04-Mar-2005 you can have it, thats when it expires, so if you revesve it now then its yours

Static IP And web hosting

Not true.

Just because that is the expiry date, it does not mean the domain will become free if not payed for.

The rules of nominet forbid this sort of activity and the procedures mean it just doesn't work anyhow.