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Static IP Addressing


Static IP Addressing

I have a static IP with my broadband premier package is it possible to have more than one someone said it was :S ? For example my router has the Static IP assigned to it i would like to assign a static IP in the same address range to a Server i have downstairs is it possible?

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Static IP Addressing

As far as I recall, it is possible. Raise a ticket to PN requesting a an additional (not different) IP, and explain to them your reasons why you want it.

As far as I recall, if your reasons are valid and good enough, they will issue it to you.

I don't know if there'd be a charge for it though.
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Static IP Addressing

You may not need a second IP address, as long as you are only running one server.

Either use the router’s port forwarding options to forward packets to the appropriate port on the server.
Or setup a “DMZ” on router, to forward all traffic to the server. (This is less secure)