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Speedtouch 780 WL and voip

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Speedtouch 780 WL and voip

Hi, I have just got myself the Speedtouch 780WL wireless router which has 2 voip ports. I have set the router up and can access the internet. However everytime I pick the phone up I get an engaged tone. I have looked in the config pages for the voip section and it shows not registered. Try as I might I cannot find out how to get it regd. My account is activated with Plusnet. I rang Speedtouch tech supoport and they suggested I might have entered wrong settings but as far as I can tell I have eneterefd correct settings. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to resolve this. Many thanks Fractalmania

Speedtouch 780 WL and voip

Ive got exactly the same problem. Have you managed to fix it yet? If so could you please let me know what settings you used.
many thanks
Sandy Merry


I have a Speedtouch 716WL and after a difficult start back in the early part of this year everything was working reasonably OK. After my monthly payment was taken on 17 September 2006 my Broadband phone line was disconnected for no reason. I have raised 3 tickets now and have only had one response which drew my attention to some technical issues which I am sure are not relevent to my problems. I can neither make nor receive calls. If I call my 0845 number I get a message to say there is no one on that extension. Frankly I find it difficult to accept that the claimed Customer satisfaction percentage is true. Plusnet have failed to answer my problem in a stisfactory manner and the Broadband Phone Service is worse than useless - WHAT IS THE POINT OF DEALING WITH A COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY WITH WHOM YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE?




speedtouch 780WL

Sorted out some of the problems and have now got the green light and registered.
SIP URI = ID number from PN
Username = ID number from PN
password = normal log on p/w
displayname = blank
Abreviated No. = blank
still haven't made any calls - suppose I'll have to put some money in my account!