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SpeedTouch 716 WL

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Registered: 30-07-2007

SpeedTouch 716 WL

This looks very attractive, The documentation is pretty clear about its capabilities for outgoing analogue calls but I can't seem to work out from the documentation whether incoming analogue calls (i.e. non-VOIP) can be answered by the attached phones when it is powered on. Can somebody tell me?



Incoming calls

Yes this box will route the PSTN incoming call to your handset.

But beware the handbook doesn't tell you the whole story and I had to "hack" Telnet into the system to enable the *10* function to allow me to route outgoing calls to PSTN rather than use VOIP

I'm also having a lot of break up on the VOIP calls at the moment

Good luck


Voice break up seems to be cured now. Twas due to the network, not my set up.
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SpeedTouch 716 WL

I have one of these modem/routers. Works Ok for VOIP but cannot figure how to route over PSTN - not a techie so do not understand Telent and *10*. Can anyone provide line by line instructions? Also incoming PSTN calls do not show incoming number on caller display and cannot use 1471 to determine last incoming call as modem treats the 1471 as a VOIP rather than PSTN call. Anyone solved these problems. Speedtouch tech support do not seem to know answer!!

SpeedTouch 716 WL

Hi itsnot4me,

Have you tried dialling '9' before the number to get PSTN. This seems to have been set as by default rather than '01'. When you dial '9' you should hear the modem click and the voip light for the phone your using will go out.

Sorry it's late and hope it helps! Smiley