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Spam relaying


Spam relaying

Does anyone know where I might stand regarding spam relaying?
A week after starting to receive virus emails I got an email from abuse@Plusnet warning me that my computer might be being used to relay spam or have a worm that uses my contact list to spread the worm etc. After re-scanning all my boxes, I discovered that one of the computers did indeed have a virus, which I promptly removed (I hope). I then replied to abuse@plusnet to explain.
however I now find that my main domain registrants pop 3 server is blocking my emails and my static IP address is on a blacklist.
Anyone with experience or advise on this would be greatly appreciated....

Spam relaying

I discovered that one of the computers did indeed have a virus, which I promptly removed (I hope).

Hi there,

What measures have you taken to remove the virus and what steps have you taken to prevent recurrance and have you identified how it happened in the first place?


Spam relaying

First off, I was the one that submitted a abuse report against you, and I had noticed that they had stopped coming.

First off, what blacklist is your IP address on? Depending, on which list and why, it may be easy to cure.

Spam relaying

All the computers on my network are scheduled to be scanned once a week (the only time the network is not in use) with Norton. Set to scan more frequently than this, then the scanning process interferes with the operation of the network however, the email protect, auto protect and auto update facilities are always in operation. Basically I haven't got a clue how one of the machines got the virus.

Here is a ticket I tried to raise with Freeparking (Domain registrant and email redirect service).

"This does NOT mean the email servers are blacklisted

The host that originated the message has been blacklisted at the organisation mentioned in the error.

The ISP which uses that IP address will need to contact the spam blocklist organisation to get the block removed.
We will not remove this feature from our servers, we have a zero tolerance regarding spam.

PLEASE DO NOT raise a support request for this issue - there is nothing we can do"

With this, I am assuming that Freeparking have stopped my redirects. However they did not see fit to contact me, even though I pay for the redirects.

I contacted Plusnet on Tuesday evening and am awaiting their response.