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Spam - isn't this obvious???


Spam - isn't this obvious???

I've posted about this before and have asked support for answers, but I don't get why this isn't being dealt with.

We all get spam, it's a bugger! But Plusnet happily now label our spam in the header with "[spam]". This is great, my email program now knows what spam is, fine! The problem is I, like many others get about 30 or 40 spam emails a day (on a good day!) and I feel invaded when my trash gets filled with them, even though I don't have to read them?

The question is, what the hell is the "spam" folder in the webmail service for? Plusnet support say "it's not a supported folder currently"?? WHy not? Why can't all those lovingly labelled "[spam]" emails be sent thereHuh If I really want to check for an email that I was expecting but didn't get, I can check that folder if I want, but otherwise the spam can sit there forever for all I care!!!? AN I need never know I was getting it sent to me?

I don't understand why this isn't an option? Why can't spam be directed to your plusnet webmail "spam" folder? Come on support, surely it just mean putting another check box on the spam settingsHuh?


Spam - isn't this obvious???

Hi there,

As you have posted the same thing in Community Support, I am locking this one.

Please dont post the same thing twice. It can lead to confusion and a duplication of responses, never mind being against the rules.

Hope you get it sorted.