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Spam from Word X. Word2


Spam from Word X. Word2

Looking through this forum it seems that some people seem to be getting spam from similar sources as me. The emails are for sex sites, viagra or "cheap" software. a good proportion get through the Plus spamfilter - even if you slavishly forward all to thisisspam etc., though after each batch, some do get caught. However I could catch 100% if I just looked for a from field containing:

Word X. Word2

Where the words vary and X can be any letter. This should be simple to any filter that uses regular expressions (I never receive genuine emails from people with that expression). Unfortunately due to work & Pocket PC use, I need to use Outlook which does not provide this in its filter facility. Does anyone here use a spamfilter where you can specify anything like that? Also, any email clients that do that would be good, in case I get the chance to move off Outlook.

Although no one here has specifically said that they get these emails (unless I've missed it), it seems to be a common set of spam sent to Plus addresses.

[EDIT] Just to add that I have installed Spamfighter and will see how that gets on, but any answers to the above would still be gratefully received.

Spam from Word X. Word2

Hi Kapin,

I use spamfighter and it solved all my spam problems, it's great and free.