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Spam coming from my IP address


Spam coming from my IP address

I have had emails from plusnet saying my IP has been sending out spam and I have been added to the RBL.

There is 1 virus on my PC that im aware of called miratesp2.exe, but all virus programs like norton are unable to remove/fix it. Tho I have looked up this virus and its apparently not related to email.

I have ran adaware and spybot so I have none of that on my PC.

Can anyone recommend a free antivirus that will really help, or a commertial one that is good.

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Spam coming from my IP address

Any virus scanner you install on an Infected PC you can't hope to ever trust that it works.

So try one of the online scanners, I personally use once a month to check my installed virus scanner is catching everything.

Note that Online scanner ONLY works in IE not Opera/Firefox etc.
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Spam coming from my IP address

Yea I used to use that but it never has deleted/fixed viruses for some reason, I just cant find any decent software. Norton just pops up randomly sometimes which screws my games up so I deleted it, currently have no antivirus installed and cant find anything free worth using. Need something thats always up to date, but doesnt slow my pc to hell when running but also needs many features like email scanning and the option to scan files with right click.

Spam coming from my IP address


Assuming you are using Windows have you given a look at F-Prot for windows you can download a 30 day trial and if you like it....... it costs about £19 pound a year to register.

I have used nothing else on Windows machines from F-Prot for DOS onwards,and was the first piece of software purchased for my wifes new XP powered laptop.Nothing fancy but a good solid workhorse with extremely regular updates of both programme and data files.

Uses very little in the way of rescourses and until it encounters a problem you do not know it is there:not for those who like "bells & whistles"

Just thought I'd drop in and give it a mention as I don't see it mentioned much anywhere....... gets lost under the "Big Names" but trust me I think it maybe worth at least a look and maybe a trial.

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Spam coming from my IP address

Some times this will happen if youve had the virus on your system
which is now clear but it is still lurking in one of the restore points
which is why norton detects it but cant fix / remove it

the only thing to do if this applies to you and as we have no system specs
dont know is to turn off system restore ( right click my computer / properties in xp ) reboot your system then turn it back on again
this will clear out anything nasty that may be in there

Spam coming from my IP address


If your machine is really sending out spam mail then it sounds like your machine has been configured to relay mail for the spam source (so the originators cant be tracked down). I dont know what O/S your running but for your machine to relay mail you either have a default install of a mailserver running or some one has gained access to your machine and installed something. Easy to do if your running a default Windows install with no firewall.

Do you run a firewall?

I would seriously consider a machine rebuild (then install A/V and firewall), and in the meantime dont enter any personal info on to your machine, certianly no online banking/shopping.

try if you dont have afirewall.

Good luck


Spam coming from my IP address

Thanks guys, yea I got XP and turned system restore off which removed all backups, gonna try that anti-virus that sunhouse suggested right after I try AVG, since my pc is only 1.5ghz and just 256 ram I need all the resources I can get.

I have no mailservers just a basic XP installation with all updates except SP2 since thats just too buggy with other things I have, and games/movies and basic gfx/office apps and zonealarm pro. Nothing to really use mail.

Will contact plusnet after all this to see if the spams stopped, hopefully it has I really dont feel like formatting again.