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Spam already


Spam already

Although a new Plusnet broadband subscriber (of 3 weeks standing) I find I'm already on the receiving end of spam, yet in those 3 weeks I have not progressed beyond sending e-mail to acquaintances in my address book. No contact with mailing lists or Usenet, just messages to friends/relatives. How does this situation come about? As a newcomer I'm just curious.
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Spam already

they send spam from A through Z to an ISP user list like Plusnets, so trial and error if they get you or not. Or your unlucky and they have gotten your email address from an online shop / a clicked remove me from mail list in other spam etc and those collected lists are sold on.
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Spam already

Have you created a web site and have you added your email address to it or any other web sites or on message boards. Have you unsubscribed from any email lists or on web sites?

There are many ways in which email addresses can be 'harvested' from the web.

Sometimes they just get lucky and guess - i.e. using brut force methods by collecting loads of names and trying 'anything' or

Also make sure your system is secure and the email info have not been extracted from your system by a virus or trojan that has infected you. There are many virus scanners, trojan scanners an firewall software products around, many are free. Also it could have been extracted from one of the people you sent email to or have your email address on their system.

This is just the way things are with spam, you can take all the precautions you can think of but ultimately, they may just guess.


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Spam already

I will guess that you have not set up any named mailboxes and are just collecting mail "Globaly" from your mail box so that is being downloaded by your mail software.
Set up 2 mail boxes. One called postmaster and another a name of your choice for your incoming mail.
postmaster is needed because its in your terms and conditions that you will collect mail from that address.

Then set up your mail program to only collect from the two named boxes.

All the spam will then just sit on the server and you could now and again visit webmail and delete the lot.

This is the way that I have had to arrange things after being bombarded with spam. Cry

Only get a very small amount now to the mail address for my domain. Cheesy