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Solwise SAR110 locks up


Solwise SAR110 locks up

When I start x-lite, my solwise sar110 adsl modem locks up and needs a reboot (all front lights go on permanently)
So I cannot get it to work at all...
...time for a new router modem perhaps?
Will bash away at it for a while and see if I can make it work

Update - fixed it

telnet into the router, issue the following command:

"delete alg port portno 5060 prot any"

as per this post:

Now logged in without the router locking but have not checked if the rest works yet.

Solwise SAR110 locks up

When I had a 110, even that command didn't necessarily fix it permanently. It worked maybe 90% of the time - but that other 10% was very annoying.