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Slow to start and Pop up Ads.


Slow to start and Pop up Ads.

Since switching to ADSL connecting with a Fujitsu FDX310 USB Modem I have been inundated with pop ups and unwanted search engines, short cuts etc.

My PC is running very slowly as well. I have Zone Alarm Pro as a firewall set on default and my OS is W2000 Pro on a 566 celeron with 128 meg Ram. Connection to the network is V fast but IE6 takes forever to load but when it does everything is fast and fine after an initial flurry of ad pages.

ALSO ( soon finished) forever getting virus alerts since ADSL was activated aswell as IE saying it has encountered an error and wants to shut down. Ignore this and everything still works.

I have downloaded all the service packs and updates for Windows.

Anyone any ideas, or do I throw this PC away and get something a bit more 21st Century.


[Moderators note (by Thomas): The duplicate thread in the ADSL board has been remvoed. Please do not deliberatly double-post.]

Slow to start and Pop up Ads.

There are many posts around the forum, that woudl relate to the two issues posted here.

The pop-up ads sound very much like Ad/SpyWare. Download a program like AdAware or SpyBot to hunt and rid yourself of this junk.

As for slow speeds, this can be many things.

First off, perform a speed test, either the +Net one HERE or the AdslGuide one HERE.

If either show at low speeds, it does sound like concern for further investigation.

Otherwise, it just sounds like the sites you are downloading from.

If they are running slow, you have to remember, that USB modem have to use your CPU to process all data.

If you are running other applications that need this CPU, then the ADSL link will be slow, while the two applcations share it.

Slow to start and Pop up Ads.

Think you might find that Win 2K is a bit much for your system, either downgrade to Win 98SE or upgrade the comp. This will not affect the pop-ups though, just get a good pop-up stopper.

Course i could be wrong. Sad

Slow to start

Thanks Guys

Have downloaded the 2 programs and they found alot of stuff.

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Slow to start and Pop up Ads.

Plus stop visiting sites that have Clickme ads, you are your own worst enemy for that. You click it you get a popup, or who ever uses your PC's[friends/family].

So basic PC security, see who's doing what and find the culprit. You have the cure this time but next time it could be a virus/trojan and then your up a creek with no paddle.
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Slow to start and Pop up Ads.

In ZA Pro go into the Privacy section you have 2 choices in there Medium=
Blocks all pop-up/pop-under and animated ads.
High= Blocks all banner ads + Blocks all pop-up/pop-under and animated ads.
You do have to be carefull though because ZA is good at its job & will block some d/load link buttons. Only the other day when i d/loaded the Nero 6 demo
it was a while before i realised that ZA had blocked the d/load link button

Slow start and Moderator

To the Moderator, I did not deliberately double post as I had posted in the other forum and then found this one. Sorry I am new to this.

Everyone else thanks for the info, everything running fine now and I will not click on the pop ups even tho' I never did before.