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Simple web site stuff


Simple web site stuff


I just need some help with creating links for my web site not working. I can get my index/homepage ok but any links I place off that page do not work. All the pages are in the same folder of my web site (htdocs) so as I understand it if I create a link in the format


it should find the page ok but I just get the HTTP 404 - File not found

Does anyone have any ideas where I may be going wrong?
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Simple web site stuff

PlusNets web servers are case sensitive so you have to use the exact filenames including any upper or lower case characters to access them.

Also looking at your home page HTML source, you are using /htdocs/filename.html. htdocs is already your home directory and is where points you too, so they should just be /filename.html (i.e. don't include htdocs in the path).

You only see htdocs using an FTP client because there can also be other directories at the same level - i.e. a directory called logs if you turned on webstats - which you can access via FTP butnot via http://.

Simple web site stuff

Ah! I didn't realise that the links had to be case sensitive. I shall fix that and try again.

I knew that the links that I have at the moment are incorrect. I was doing a little experimentation to see if I could fix it, without asking for advice.