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Siemens c460 IP SIP phone


Siemens c460 IP SIP phone


I have just got a Siemens c460 IP phone that is fully SIP compatible, should this in theory work with plus net to make my broadband phone calls?


Siemens c460 IP SIP phone


I wish I could say it would - but I have not managed to get mine to work so far.... Cry

I am going to give it another try later in the week... will let you know progress.

Siemens support

Well I hope you have more luck than me. I am returning mine and may try another one in case my set was faulty.

I called Siemens help desk in some country and was a little pissed that the only thing they would do is make me do the connection assistant on the phone which I had already done and it seemed to work, but wouldn't answer any other questions which is Siemens fault for not offering 2nd line support.

Oh well. Wish I new of some other phones wireless that do the same thing, would try those..

Siemens c460 IP SIP phone


they do a lot of phones. Not necessarily the cheapest place but at least its a starting point.

Siemens c460 IP SIP phone

I am trying another siemens c460 ip phone because I found out you need at least a 3 metre seperation between wireless products or you get conflicts in the wifi band.

Nobody told me this when setting up the first time, so I hope this will work. ~Getting it from broadband buyer, they always have taken time to explain new products even when I don't order.


Siemens c460 IP SIP phone

I cna't believe it but this guy at the main Siemens distributor took a day to sort out what was wrong

1)Things didn't work with it needed ip addresses and he said most of the servers seeemed flakey, this address ok -

The SIP server addresses are as follows:

and use the STUN server address for XLITE. My phone works now and is stable.

Siemens c460 IP SIP phone

could you post the full settings?

A screen shot would be nice - blank out password of course Cheesy

Ive completly filed to get it to work with plusnet

Siemens c460 IP SIP phone

ha, success - after 3 months with C460IP i now have VOIP through

I wounder why doesnt work

Cheers for help - if anyone else is intreasted I will post the setting details.

- NB: not sure if incoming calls are recived and I am not going to test it Smiley

Siemens c460 IP SIP phone

Settings for Gigaset C460/ C450 IP:
* indicates a default setting

Authentication Name: Plusnet SIP id e.g. 123456
Authentication Password: Plusnet account password
Username: Plusnet SIP id e.g. 123456
Display Name: plusnet_username
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Server Port: 5060 *
Registrar Server Address:
Registrar Server Port: 5060 *

STUN Enabled: YES
STUN Server:
NAT Refresh time: 20 sec *
Outbound Proxy Mode: Always
Outbound Proxy:
Outbound Proxy Port: 5060 *

The rest are default settings

robpete - if your set up is different let me know.


good news on getting yours sorted.

I found out that in fact the wireless is on a different frequency than the Siemens 2.4ghz and 1.9 so there is no conflict, broadbandbuyer got it wrong.

The settings that worked perfectly for a week. My laptop or something is screwy (installed and used Tuneup Utility?) cause now something has gone wonky conerning the siemens phome as its the dreaded message - sip registration failed.

Only difference is the sip server is also used for the domain and the stun server