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Shopping cart

Right, before you sugest oscomerce, actanic or other online shopping systems don't, this is not what I am after.

I currently run a small online shop, using a javascript based shopping card (limited to 11 items. Some browsers and systems will allow 18 items, others only 14, so the default is below).

Other aspects are rather very seperated and non-intergrated, with manual intervention on some parts.

What I want, is to try and intergrate a few aspects of the ordering process.

To do this, I will need to abandon the javascript cart system.

I have plans to custom build one, and have planned both the MySQL table structure (and built it), and prepared a few other bits.

However, I am now onto the major code writting segment of it.

While I could likely build it without issue (though major debugging Tongue ), there are one or two aspects I would like to clarify with other packages.

What I need is a small PHP shopping cart.

It musn't include it's own database backend where product details are looked up from by ID. I need to pass a ID (My own ID for the product, nothing from a database), discription, other information, price and qualtity (and maybe shipping costs/rates).

The cart will dump this to DB itself.

I am wondering if people have seen this basic "cart only" based system anywhere?

I have tried hotscripts, from which I found one, but found it a true pain in the ass to find and download (3 hours solid trying to find it).