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Setting up my webpage


Setting up my webpage

Help! I thought this would be easy but maybe I'm simple...I am trying to set up the webpage that I have registered at Plusnet. I have an address but I don't know how to get to it or upload stuff to it. can anyone help?

Setting up your webpage

OK, so you've got yourself a Domain Name.
Next thing is to design yourself a web site.
Presumably you have you done this?

Once this is done, you will need an FTP programme to upload your site to your free webspace on PlusNet's server. Have a read on PlusNet about your 'Free Webspace' for further details.

FTP software examples are:
CuteFTP, (
Terrapin, (

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage, you can publish directly from this programme but will have to get PlusNet to enable 'FrontPage Extensions' to be able to do this.

It's bit difficult not knowing what you have done so far or indeed how much you know about web design and FTP.

Hope that'll give you a start

Setting up my webpage

You need to set it up in the portal as you have 2 websites your own domain and

In the portal you can set the directory for both of them so you can have them both the same or 2 differant ones. If you set the dir for your domain to domain then you upload all your webpages to that directory for your domain and the httdocs is you plusnet site. This is usefull if you want a company website and a personel one

new domain name - some help please

Reading through this thread gives me pointers to answer the question I have, but I'd like a bit more clarification please.
Currently I have an up and running web site - within my plusnet web space.
I am considering buying a new domain name and want to host it here in my plusnet webspace.
Do I create a new directory beneath htdocs called (for example) test and then my new domain would be
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Setting up my webpage

No, you have to register a domain name either through PlusNet or with another company then transfer it to plusnet. Once you have the domain name you can setup the directory where you want to host it in your webspace.

You can't just create a directory name and have that as you new domain because no-one on the internet will know where it is or how to get to it. This is what the registration process if for and also to makes sure only one person registers a particulare domain name. i.e. you cannot use or register becase microsoft has already registered that name.

Click on the Domain Names link under My Account (on the left) then click on the info button to go to a page that explains all about domain names and registering your own.


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