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Setting up email


Setting up email


I've just moved onto, and am a bit confused about the email settings.

I've always used a system where my incoming server was IMAP (my uni address), and outgoing was SMTP, from whichever ISP I was using.

However, that doesn't seem to be how Plusnet works. I've tried changing some settings e.g. changing my Mozillla Thunderbird SMTP to, but that doesn't seem to have sorted the problem. It just asks for a password, and that doesn't work when I type in what I think it should be.

Sorry if I'm seeming a bit dim, but can anyone explain this to me?


Setting up email

Plus net use pop3 rather than Imap. The smtp settings should be the same but you have change the account type. What client do you use.

Setting up email

All sorted out now. I had stupidly selected the 'Use name and password' tickbox in SMTP settings. Oops.

Thanks to everyone who's read this though!
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Setting up email

For SMTP make sure you don't enable authentication. It should not ask for a password when sending emails.

You can still use IMAP with your plusnet account. When you craete an account in thunderbird, kiust state its IMAP not POP and use as the server name and the default port 143.