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Serif WebPlus8


Serif WebPlus8

Has anyone had any experience with WebPlus8 from Serif? I have a complete package of their progs and they are offering a new WISIWIG web designer for an upgrade of £9. I know it would be cheap enough to buy and try but I get fed up with buying uselsess software and need to conserve the little cash I have.

I am using Front Page simply because it was on my computer but it is easy to use. The results that FP gives seems limited and PlusNet has this wierd FP server. I would like a prog like Front Page but that would sit comfortably on any surver without special requirements to make FP work.

Any ideas on Serif or any other?


Kevin Elks.
Posts: 309
Registered: 05-09-2007

Serif WebPlus8

I made a comment here
Don't buy it unless it has that fault fixed.
Serif has a good user forum where you will get a lot of help for specific questions and opinions on versions.
Usually, since Pageplus 9 has all that Webplus has and a whole lot more, you will be advised to buy that but that may not suit your deal.