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Separating incoming email by address?


Separating incoming email by address?

Ever since I joined and got an "" type email address I've wanted to be able to separate incoming emails into different folders. I could use the webmail mailboxes but find access is slow and a bit of a chore.

So, say I want to separate "" from "", how do I do this.

Here's what I've tried without success:

1. I set up corresponding accounts in Outlook, named "gert" and "spam"
2. I created subfolders in the inbox, named "gert" and "spam"
3. I set up 2 views in Outlook, which should direct mail an address to the corresponding subfolder

To no avail: all incoming mail now comes in at both folders (so two copies of each email), with no separation.

Anybody familiar with this?

Many thanks in advance


Separating incoming email by address?

The duplication is due to the way mail is collected.

When you connect to the mail server, it will collect a current view of what is stored for delivery too you.

No matter how long you are connected, it will not show any more or less messages (even if a flood of 100 messages arive while you are connected).

If you delete a message, the server will mark it as deleted, but not physicaly remove it.

After this, you can reset the connection, and all mails can be unflagged.

Only once you disconnect (the proper way), will message now marked as deleted, be removed.

With the two seperate account you have placed in outlook, the connections are taking place at the same time.

For seperating them this way, you only need to setup one account in outlook.

You can then use message rules to direct them to the correct folder.

If you are creating seperate accounts so you can use different FROM addresses, then tell outlook (in that accounts properties) not to collect messages from this address unless specificaly asked.
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Separating incoming email by address?

Gmeyers, from what I understand of your post all you need to do is set up some extra mailboxes in the portal's email settings.


Separating incoming email by address?

Philip, let me try and get this straight.

By using only one account on OE (say my default account) and creating two subfolders, say "gert" and "spam", then applying the correct message rules, the incoming mail on "" and "" will be saparated into the corresponding subfolders? I will try this immediately.

Thomas, thanks for your reply too. I use mailboxes for special email such as fax2email but find it a bit of a chore for addresses I use daily.

Thanks both of you!

Separating incoming email by address?

Yes, that is what you do.

Appologies for the late reply.

Using message rules is better when using a single system.

Using mailboxes is handy for hard seperation of e-mail. EG, fax2email and larger downloads. Though they are best suited when usign multiple systems.