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Sending / recieving emails on your mobile


Sending / recieving emails on your mobile

Hi, i have unfortunatly been left with out a computer for a few weeks and need to check my emails daily, now im writing this at my work place, but they have firewalled WEBMAIL, so i cannot access this to check or send email, is there a way round this?
i have got my phone setup to send and recieve emails, well it can recieve the emails but i can't send, as when i try it says SMTP refuses connection

Anyone be able to help?

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Sending / recieving emails on your mobile

If your company security policy restricts access to certain sites then there is no way round this (legally). A friendly chat with your System Admin might produce benifits.

With regards the SMTP problem with you mobile mail client, you need to set the SMTP outbound server to that of your phone provider not Plus Net. The phone company will provide this info for you or you could check out their website.
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Sending / recieving emails on your mobile

Can you access - ?

Or, not as nice, but -

They will both connect to Plusnet and retrieve mail - simply enter all your details, server, username and password etc...

I used to use the latter of the two because my College blocked PN Webmail, and now Mail2Web.

Not that it matters too much now, Pocket Outlook on my PPC does the job just fine!