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Sending / Rec'ing emails via GPRS


Sending / Rec'ing emails via GPRS


I've searched the forums first with no luck. trying to set up my T610 to S/R emails via my plusnet account.

It's happy to collect but not send. Logging on to the usual mail servers (mail& with the right ports (110 and 25).

Sending always fails. Connecting via a T-Mobile GPRS. Is there anyway around this problem?

Thanks in advance...


Sending / Rec'ing emails via GPRS

Try a google search for T-mobile, SMTP and GPRS.

You may find that your mobile provider has SMTP servers exactly for this purpose, due to the limitation many ISPs rightly use.
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Sending / Rec'ing emails via GPRS

PlusNet's SMTP server can only be used by connections that are part of the PlusNet network - i.e PlusNet ADSL customers or those that dial into the PlusNet network.. People from outside PlusNets network (like mobile phones users) cannot use it - this is to stop PlusNets SMTP server from being used as a relay for spammers.

You can collect email from PlusNets POP3 servers from any network. But you must use the SMTP server that your network provider has to send emails from your phone.