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Securing a small LAN

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Securing a small LAN


Five computers LAN connected out through something like a Vigor 2600 or DLINK-504 to the Internet.

Now I am still learning about all this stuff so your help would be appreciated :-)

Would it be possible to (as a staring position) configure the hardware firewall to:

1/ Block all incoming requests (much like Win XP ICF does)
2/ Allow out only applications like: Outlook, Messenger, IE, Auto updates etc...
3/ Do I remember actually seeing a hardware firewall that let you actually configure allowed in/outs by application type/name?

Your help would be appreciated,



Securing a small LAN

Behind NAT the router will automatically drop all
incoming packets, unless there is a response from
one of your pc's, or a specific rule you have set up,
such as port forwarding.
The D Link is the more basic of the 2 routers listed,
but has an advanced firewall feature / packet filter,
where you can configure the rules you want regarding
incoming and outgoing traffic. It's a very popular router
and many users find it's features more than sufficient.
Have a look at Netgear's DG834 as it's in the same
price range and has a full SPI firewall.
The Draytek is a very advanced router which again has
packet filtering but has extra fetures such as DOS/DDOS
protection and has a full VPN facility which you may not need, so there's a premium to pay.
I would suggest downloading the user manual for each of the above unit's and run through their firewall features to see which one suits your needs best.

Re: Securing a small LAN


Five computers LAN connected

Most available routers are 4 port. You may need a 6 port switch first unless you link to PC's with ICS.