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Scam Mail


Scam Mail

I have received a couple of mails over the last two weeks promising me 20 and 30% of sums such as $25,000,000.00

It's an old trick which I am told moves on to requests for sizable amounts of money to help 'bribe' officials in third world countries.

However I seem to remember a report on a news programme that sugested that if these mails are forwarded to a specific address belonging to our ISP (such as abuse@plusnet etc...) that they can help Police trace the culprit of the scam.

Does anyone know if Plus Net has such an e-mail, or if they are able to help in this way.


Scam Mail

The best method is to actualy ignore them.

The scan in question is known as the 419, after part of Nigerian Law.

The BBC have raised this on a few occasions, as has each and every local daily in the country. They make out as if it is a new scam and is of the most serious nature.

However, if the simple rule "If it looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true" is followed.

Through a 5 man office, and after installing a new mail server, we currently filter around 30 - 45% of mail daily into our network as spam. This accounts for an average (from my latest text report) 87 spams a day, of which a quick scan over the drop box shows 7 of these 419 mails.

There is very little +Net can do to help, as they can only extract the same information you could. It is (don't take this the wrong way) jus the technical knowledge to understand what the headers say that you need.

The only people that can help more, is the ISP of the person sending the mails in question. These are likely to do nothing.

The Register post at least 1 story every fortnight on the issue. Visit the site, and run a search for 419. While they are not all on the subject, most are.

There are websites dedicated to listing the e-mails in questions, of which many will die off, due to the masses now being sent.

Try visiting for some links to police sites regarding it, and what can be done.