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In an early post I got help connecting linksys pap2t to

I subsequently have connected successfully to but they require STUN to be set to off.

My connection now no longer works. Does anyone know if it is possible to connect to voip without stun set? Or are the two services incompatible?

Or is it possible to set STUN independently for line 1 and line2 of the pap2t - it is not obvious to me that it is

Thanks Allan
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Registered: 17-09-2007


STUN is a method used by a software or hardware device to discover what type of firewall you are behind. Therefore, I would not expect it to be a configurable option on a per line basis, sorry.

As for being incompatible, I would hope not. Can you describe the problem your having, is the PAP2 registering the line ? If so, can you say if the phone never dials, always times out, or is never able to answer calls ?

HINT - PAP2 will only give a dial tone on the phone hand set if the line is registered.

STUN - my real provider specifically say turn stun off
I have queried this with them.

If I do this when connecting to Line2 - set up for I get no dial tone. If I switch stun on - I get a dial tone. And can call using

Must admit I did not try using the line with stun set - I took their word for it that STUN was not compatible with their service.