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SSL on home server


SSL on home server

Im running apache on a nix shell on my home network. At the moment im using virtual name hosting.

The server has its domain and the website ( has its nameservers set to and

I want to purchase a CA SSL certificate for, but im not sure its going to work.

Firstly, due to constraints with SSL and virtual hosting, i think i may have to change the server domain over to the hosted site, so the server is and hosts only that site using ip based hosting.

Secondly, and this is the bit im confused about, i am lead to believe the SSL certificate will be authenticated using a reverse DNS lookup on the ip address, which isnt going to return the server domainname its going to return my IP address (ie and therefore the certificate wont match. ( --> = no match)

One thing i was thinking was to obtain an IP block. But would it then be possible to get one of the assigned IP addresses to resolve back to the domain so the SSL certificate works? (ie Can do that if i prove i am the domain owner? None of the domains are purchased through

Failing all that, what other options are available?

SSL on home server

You can request that PlusNet change the rDNS of your IP to almost any domain, provided you can proove ownership.

This is usualy done by creating an A record, pointing to your IP address, then noting this A record, as the address you wish to use for rDNS.

SSL on home server


for an IP block, can you have different rDNS per ip address within that block?

ip 1 -->
ip 2 -->

etc etc

If i didnt get a block and kept my single ip, i though if you changed the rDNS to a domain, plusnet insisted on you having something along the form of

Ie, i couldnt just point it to