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SMTP mail system breaks itself?


SMTP mail system breaks itself?

My smtp server was working great, but now for some reason its stopped. the problem is when it fingers Plusnet. It will take about 5 mins to finger, then i get a little dialog, saying how many messsage there are, bah bah, but it wont collected the emails, it will just stay at plusnet?

any ideas whats going wrong with it?

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

Not much information to go on...

Exactly what message does 'finger' come back with? (It shouldn't be taking 5 minutes to respond)

Not sure what your network is like (NAT, firewalls, etc.) - some info might help.

Can you connect to your mailserver using telnet (on port 25) from within your network?
Can you connect to it from outside?

Assuming you are still using Mailtraq, check if there is anything useful in the event log (Actions - View Event Log). It would also be sensible to save the log to file as you may get more inrormation that way - and confirm whether anything is trying to connect or not. (Options - Server - Logs Tab).

Have you checked that The PlusNet settings are still correct - i.e the SMTP delivery IP address under Configure Mailboxes - SMTP?

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

The finger says: 11 message queued time and date - messsage delivery triggered, to

Theres no NAT, its goes from to my internal network 192.168.0.XXX

The firewall is hardware type router. All the port forwarding is setup fine, as it was working.

The internal network - is fine the client and server can talk to each other, and no error message reported.

I havent tried to connect to it from the outside, as i dont have any way of doing this.

I am using mailtraq, I'll check the logs over which it has saved and let you know if i find anything.

All PN settings have been checked quite a few times.

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

I have just done a test by tryign to connect to port 25 on your IP.

Either you have a firewall blocking me, or your port forwarding is not working as you intend it too.

You will have seen requests for ( if your firewall is blocking me.

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

I was able to connect just now and got:
open 25

Connecting To
220 Ready for action (Mailtraq
helo pacaya
221 have a nice day (SMTP Closing)

Did you fix something? One slight oddity is that you don't seem to have any server name defined as I would expect something like:
220 Your_server_name Ready for action (Mailtraq

250 Your_server_name

Edit: It seems clear from rfc2821 that the server domain should be included with response code 220. However it also says the general case, any text, including no text at all (although senders SHOULD NOT send bare codes), MUST be acceptable.
. So it would seem that this is not the cause of your problem.

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

i havent done anything.

This is what i mean, its comes and goes, it seems that i got my emails now, but not sure if its still working.

On the question on connection from the outside, what is the best way to secure my smtp server?

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

There is no particular reason for preventing people connecting to your server in general. The main thing is to avoid being an open relay - details here. Although I think Mailtraq sets itself up reasonably safely by default these days, it is still worth checking through and testing the setup.

If (or when) spam becomes a problem, the blacklist & whitelist functions are quite useful.

For anti-virus you can install the Mailtraq AVG plugin

SMTP mail system breaks itself?

Mailtraq is pretty safe regarding being an open relay. However, I advise consulting the Mailtraq site, which IIRC, has a FAQ on setting it up, so it isn't an open relay.

As you say, you are unsure if it is working all the time, though havn't made any changes.

Based on the fact I couldn't, but pacaya could connect, it would suggest a possible router, server or firewall issue.