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SMTP Service in W2K


SMTP Service in W2K


I'm running 3 sites and have a problem with one of them. The probem site runs W2K with E2K. We've recently moved across to an SMTP mail feed with PN, we have no problems with the feed to or from the other 2 sites.

Every so often, this site backs up the outbound email and sends an NDR internally. In the Exchange Manager, the Tools and Monitoring Status for the SMTP connector shows the connector as being unavailable. At this point, it is still possible to ping the sites listed in the SMTP connector, but the only way to clear the queue is to restart the SMTP service. Nothing useful appears in the log files and WINMSD shows the SMTP service as "running" before the restart of the service.

Why would the SMTP connector be marked as unavailable? Why would restarting an already running service be a workaround to the problem? What ever happened to quills and ink wells, parchment envelopes and wax seals over the join?

I've spent a little too much time looking at this and am now blind to any obvious answers :shock:


SMTP Service in W2K

Are you on adsl or isdn? I have had this problem and it was down to the service dnscache. This service caches dns so when you request a dns it doesnt go out but looks at the cache. The problem with it is if it gets a failure from dns it marks it as not there so when you look for it it says its not there.

We got it a lot with isdn as it did it becasue it got no reply while the line was coming up. You can safely stop the service or there are loads of setting you can do like timeouts etc. The setings are on tecnet or KB.

If this is the problem changing the dns server will make it work so change the dns and see if it comes back up. If it does stop the services.

Another way around the problem is to use ip address in exchange instaed of url and that is worth doing anyway

SMTP Service in W2K


We're using ADSL.

I've changed the forwarders to the IP address of I'll see how this goes for a while.

Any further comments and suggestions are welcomed